XMAS2018 Special Offer

special offer

Indulge with a gift for life.

Invest in yourself or someone you love.

Learn a skill that will help you to reduce and manage your stress and pain, for now and for the rest of your life.

Improve your posture and your self-confidence.

Learning the Alexander Technique is a wonderful investment.

special offerYou learn techniques to increase your sense of balance and equilibrium so that you can understand how to align yourself, be more comfortable and feel better, every day.

Mindful movement doesn’t have to take much time because you can learn how to create mindful moments at any time in your busy life.

You learn how to begin to notice what causes your stress and how it manifests for you.  Some people clench their teeth, others feel extra tension in the neck, shoulders or back, others lose their voices or have irritable stomachs/bowels.

Many clients comment to me that after a few lessons they begin to become more aware of when their tension starts to creep in, something they hadn’t noticed before. By starting to notice you can then learn how to manage the stress and reduce tension that could otherwise lead to chronic pain and malalignment.

Give the gift of good health to yourself or someone you love.

With this special Xmas2018 Offer buy 1 lesson voucher for £40 or 2 lessons for £60

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