Alexander Technique Lessons North London

Alexander Technique Lessons North London


What happens at lessons

When you come for the first lesson I will take a brief history of what your difficulties/problems are, why you have decided to have Alexander Technique lessons and what you hope to achieve from them.

This initial lesson will usually last for about 1 hour, subsequent lessons are usually 45-50 minutes.

During an Alexander Technique Lessons North London, I will use my hands to very gently and non-intrusively touch you and give verbal explanations that will help you think about your use. This is to bring your awareness to your body and to encourage you to think of releasing unnecessary tension. It also allows me to communicate with your body and to understand how you are balancing and coordinating and to be aware of where you have pain and stress.

You will be guided through simple movements or everyday activities and part of the lesson may include lying down in semi-supine on an Alexander Technique table to encourage your back to release and re-vitalise.

Lessons are specific to you and what your needs are and you will be encouraged to raise issues that you would like to work on.

The first lesson takes about an hour, after that, lessons are approximately 45 minutes. In the first lesson I take a brief history of any problems or reasons that may have lead you to seek lessons. I find out what you want to achieve and talk through what you are likely to expect from lessons.

Alexander Technique Lessons North London involve gentle, non-invasive hands on work with verbal explanations that help you think about your use of your body. You will be guided through simple movements or everyday activities and part of the lesson may include lying down in semi supine (on an Alexander table), this helps the back relax and expand. Lessons are very much tailored to you as an individual.

It is advisable to wear comfortable everyday clothing that allows easy movement and you will be asked to remove your shoes.

“I really can’t say enough good things about Deborah and her skills as an Alexander Technique teacher/therapist. I have epilepsy which over the years has also led to symptoms of functional weakness and at times being very spaced out. When I went to Deborah my body felt like it was constantly in tension mode and I didn’t know how to switch it off. Through a combination of body work on the therapy table and gentle verbal instructions of how to move with awareness and lightness, I am learning how to release and let go of the tension that I hold in my body especially my neck, shoulders and back. An unintended consequence is that I am also learning how to do simple everyday tasks in a way that doesn’t create further tension like sitting, standing and walking with more awareness, ease and freedom of movement. This is one of the best gifts I have even given to myself, I feel so grateful to have found new more easeful ways to live my life instead of the daily ongoing struggle I had before. I do have to keep applying what I have learned and I’m sure in time my new way of functioning will become just as automatic as my old ways of holding onto tension.”


I work independently from;

  • 72 Inderwick Road, Crouch End N8, daily,

and run a free/donation clinic at Hornsey Vale Community Centre on Wednesdays 12:30-2:30pm, by appointment only for a 30 minute lesson.

  • Hornsey Vale Community Centre
    60 Mayfield Road,
    N8 9LP

Tel: 07764 154282
I also give lessons at:

84 Park Road, London, Crouch End, N8 8JQ

0208 348 4577


Cost depends on whether you are booking one to one lessons or workshops, discounts are available on one to one lessons when booking 5 or more in advance.

Lessons at Inderwick Road:

1 lesson of 45-50 minutes: £40
5 lessons booked in advance: £175

Lessons at Project Me:

1 lesson as above £55, 5 lessons as above £240

Discounts are available with the NHS card, click the link below:

Discounts with NHS Card