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What do singing and running have in common? Ask yourself!


Well, Lisette Oropesa, a very talented and successful 34 year old operatic soprano singer, whose 2 great passions in life are singing and running, and who is singing at the Royal Opera House this November, said on Radio 4’s Front Row review programme:


“To sing well and to run well you have to have exactly the same things – you have to have great physical alignment.  You have to programme your breath and be aware of your entire body all the time.  I think the one helps the other and my life has been improved because of the partnership”


runningNow this is music to my ears

Because being aware of our alignment and learning how to regain balanced alignment is what the Alexander Technique is all about.  And it can improve how you move and everything that you do, whether you are a singer, musician, actor, dancer, runner, swimmer, sports-person, desk-person, public speaker, work-person, ……..the list is endless – basically everyone, whatever you do.


But back to performing and running.

Are you a performer?  I know there’s loads in Muswell Hill and Crouch End.  Are you a musician, dancer, singer, actor or presenter?

There’s always nerves, stress and physical pain and strain that accompanies your work, I’m sure, and you can reduce this, feel better, lighter, more confident and more in balance by learning to move and perform with coordinated, toned muscles rather than tense muscles.

With a toned voice rather than a tense voice.

With toned aligned muscles when running rather than tense ones.

With less tension and pain in your neck, back and shoulders and more tone, alignment, coordination and balance.


It’s very enjoyable and you’re learning

How to look after yourself, feel better and more energetic at the same time!


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