Hot and Bothered??


It’s hot isn’t it?  Lovely though!

Here’s a tip for feeling like you are on holiday;

Walk mindfully down the road, notice the steps you are taking, notice the space and distance between your arm as it swings back and the same leg as it is forward.

hotThen let your eyes be soft, rather than staring and tense, and whilst softly looking ahead just notice the peripheral vision from the sides of your eyes.

Notice that this is like being on a train and let what you see just pass by.

A client recently said to me that when she notices this, she feels connected to the world and as if she is on holiday!

And another thing;

There was a report out last week from Public Health England saying that balance exercises and muscle strengthening are as important as walking and increasing your steps.

See the article in The Guardian about it here

Alexander Technique (AT) teaches you how to improve your balance and how to notice where your weight is and what happens to your balance and weight when you move.

Usually you don’t think about it but AT teaches you how to start noticing as you go about your day and how to enjoy it!

So, enjoy yourself and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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