Busy, Busy, Busy!


Busy, busy, busy…… we’re all so busy keeping up, catching up, deleting this, deleting that, wading through things we need to do, being bombarded with information, demands, new research about food and health…. And on and on it goes…..


And within all this, all those articles telling you that you need to look after yourself are right.  You just need to find something that ‘does it’ for you, that speaks to you, something you can relate to.


This article got me thinking; How to make time for Self-Care.  It talks about how to find time in your working day to have some exercise to feel re-charged.  That’s great, but it doesn’t have to be in the gym or even exercise.  It could be going swimming or for a walk or it could be lying on the floor with your head on a 3-5cm book with your knees up to align your body and mind.


busyAlternatively, you can find lots of moments throughout the day to align yourself and feel refreshed and grounded.  You can notice how you sit and let your back lengthen and release, aligning yourself on your sitting bones, or you can notice how you stand or walk.  Alexander Technique can teach you to find these ‘mindful’ moments, on the go, so that you can learn to reduce your stress and pain and feel more refreshed and lighter, with more energy.  But it also teaches you what your old physical and thought habits are and how to give them up to make choices about responses that contribute to your well-being and make you feel better.


So this article got me thinking as well; Should you delete Social Media? By Oliver Burkeman. He talks about the pros and cons of social media for mental health but also about the issue of how we make choices or don’t make choices, as the case may be. But, in fact, he points out that even by doing nothing you are still making a choice.  You are making a choice to do nothing and keep the status quo even if you are unhappy with it.  Again, this is pertinent to Alexander Technique because AT is also about understanding how you move and balance so that you can learn to make a choice to respond with more alignment to movement or situations rather than react with old harmful habits.


Some people say to me that they are too old to change or that they have always been ‘whatever’ and can’t change.  But that doesn’t have to be the case.  You can make a choice to learn to notice your habits and learn how to change them and do things to empower yourself, whether it’s finding time for yourself, doing more exercise or deleting social media.  If you decide to make a change and want to find out more about Alexander Technique, then get in touch.

Posture or Alignment? And magic wands!

magic wand

Many people come to me because they are concerned about their posture and that’s fine, but Alexander Technique is more than that.

It can help you with your posture definitely, but it’s not posture for the sake of it.  It’s about improving your posture in a way so that you feel better, less stressed and more able to manage pain or discomfort, if you have any. And at the same time, you look better too!

We tend to notice ourselves and how we move and do things when we have aches and pains somewhere.  But Alexander Technique teaches you how to notice yourself and think about how you move, at other times as well, so that you can be one step ahead before extra pain and tension creeps in.

By noticing where your weight is and improving your proprioception, (the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium) you can learn to understand how to have a sense of your alignment, balance and coordination so that you feel better, look better and move better.

magic wandSometimes we want a ‘magic wand’ to just make things better instantly!

But actually, we are our own ‘magic wand’.

We can learn how to make things better for ourselves by thinking in a slightly different way.  It’s very simple and gentle but can be very powerful and enjoyable.

Empower yourself and be your own ‘magic wand’!