Posture or Alignment? And magic wands!

magic wand

Many people come to me because they are concerned about their posture and that’s fine, but Alexander Technique is more than that.

It can help you with your posture definitely, but it’s not posture for the sake of it.  It’s about improving your posture in a way so that you feel better, less stressed and more able to manage pain or discomfort, if you have any. And at the same time, you look better too!

We tend to notice ourselves and how we move and do things when we have aches and pains somewhere.  But Alexander Technique teaches you how to notice yourself and think about how you move, at other times as well, so that you can be one step ahead before extra pain and tension creeps in.

By noticing where your weight is and improving your proprioception, (the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium) you can learn to understand how to have a sense of your alignment, balance and coordination so that you feel better, look better and move better.

magic wandSometimes we want a ‘magic wand’ to just make things better instantly!

But actually, we are our own ‘magic wand’.

We can learn how to make things better for ourselves by thinking in a slightly different way.  It’s very simple and gentle but can be very powerful and enjoyable.

Empower yourself and be your own ‘magic wand’!