Alexander Technique North London

  • Improve performance and prevent injury

Alexander Technique North London

Alexander Technique North London was founded in 2014, and Deborah Levy runs daily private lessons in Crouch End.  She also runs a weekly clinic at Hornsey Vale Community Centre and teaches lessons at Project Me, N8.

Alexander Technique can be beneficial to anyone who suffers from;

  • sciatica
  • bad posture
  • stiff neck
  • upper and lower back pain
  • frozen shoulder or chronic shoulder dislocation
  • a neurological condition such as MS or Parkinson’s disease
  • eye strain
  • headaches or migraines
  • performance anxiety
  • RSI
  • arthritis or painful/stiff joints
  • sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time
  • pain or injury due to playing an instrument
  • an injury or road traffic accident
  • injury due to playing sports or strenuous exercise
  • stress, tension or anxiety
  • poor breathing technique

The Alexander Technique North London is a unique practice; it is therapeutic, rather than a treatment, and teaches you skills to reduce pain and stress, to use in everything that you do in your life whether in work, rest or play activities or emotionally difficult decisions or negotiations to make.

Benefits of Alexander Technique include to be more aware and mindful about how you move, sit, stand or any activity, so that you have greater ease of movement, feeling lighter, more energised, balanced and in less pain.

Watch our video on how Alexander Technique can help you reduce stress and pain

in everything you do and how you can learn skills to feel better for the rest of your life.


R Coates 2014

“I had a history of neck and shoulder pain for around 8 years, and this became acute early in 2014. I’d seen osteopaths and chiropractors, had recently followed a course of physiotherapy, and while these treatments helped to relieve the pain I realised that my day-to-day posture and laptop-based work were the main contributors.
Deborah’s excellent, professional approach led me to reassess and become aware of the way I stand, sit, and lie, so that I could start to break long-practiced bad habits. I am 6 feet 3 inches tall, and after a few weeks of Alexander Technique I began to realise that I had been stooping for much of my life to compensate for this. The Technique is a remarkably subtle way to gain self awareness, unlearn bad practice, and walk tall.”

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