Learn Something New: Be Good to Yourself and Others and Improve your Health and Happiness

feeling good

A while ago I read an article by Ruby Wax on Why being Kinder to ourselves is good for society. She writes about how being kind to others and feeling their pain or distress, i.e. being compassionate, releases hormones that make ourselves feel better.  In the same way we need to learn to be compassionate to ourselves, to look after ourselves and feel good about making ourselves feel better, rather than putting ourselves down or continuing in an anxiety cycle.  This positive cycle will not only enhance itself for our own good but others’ good too.

I agree with all this because by using the Alexander Technique you can learn how to look after yourself physically and emotionally. Plus at the same time, you are learning something new, which is good for the brain as well as your happiness factor and well-being.  By using the Alexander Technique, you learn how to notice and understand your tension and habits, and how to consciously respond to them, rather than an unconscious reaction.

By understanding how to improve our alignment and decrease tension we can learn to reduce and manage pain and stress, thus increasing your happiness and well-being!  The additional bonus is at the same time, you are learning to be compassionate to yourself and others, another way of feeling happier and better!

Seems like a win-win to me!  There’s nothing to lose, except some pain and stress!